Jays Maganlal

Jays Maganlal




Jays joined our team of Podiatrists in November 2012. Having worked in two podiatry practices in Brisbane, he brings a wealth of knowledge to our clinic. Jays is a very dedicated podiatrist and goes the extra mile to ensure that his patients have the best care possible.

His passion for podiatry is based on his wanting to help patients achieve their goals. He enjoys all aspects of podiatry and loves to see his patients happy.

Outside of work, Jays enjoys basketball and short distance running. Jays favorite sport to watch on TV is the Tour de France.

What our clients say:

  • " Very professional people to deal with. They know their stuff and as such they are great to work with. I feel they actually want to help me, not just sell me some orthotics. I feel confident I can trust their recommendations. "

    - John Eder
  • Thank u to everyone who help me on my way to Blackall 100. I place in the top 10 females which totally blew me away. Could not have taken one step without u guys. Very professional & helpful in all area's. If there were more than 5 stars I would gladly give them. Thks once again Madonna Saal

    - Madonna Saal
  • " Thanks for fixing my orthotics quickly. Thanks :)"

    - Kevin Campbell