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a hand holding foot in pain
How Does A Stroke Affect Your Feet?
More than 475,000 Australians are currently living with the after-effects of suffering from a stroke - a figure that’s set to increase to one million by 2050. With one in four people predicted to have a stroke in their lifetime, and one stroke occurring every nine minutes here Australia1, understanding how to help those affected with their mobility and foot health is an important part of what we do here at The Podiatrist.
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Does Foot Drop Go Away?

If pointing your toes upwards and moving your foot up on the ankle has become difficult for you, you could be suffering from foot drop. Whether the problem has developed suddenly, like following an accident, or has been worsening over time, being unable to lift your foot means you may have difficulty walking without your toes hitting the ground, which puts you at risk of tripping and falling.

Dr’s Remedy Nail Polishes
Dr’s Remedy Nail Polishes Have Landed - And They’re A Hit

We’re very excited to introduce a very special range of nail polish that isn’t like any others available on the market - the Dr’s Remedy range. We love this 40-colour range, not only because it’s formulated by podiatrists to do all the right things by your nails, but also because they weren’t designed with the ‘create a product for the sake of it’ approach employed by many beauty brands.

hand touching leg with varicose veins
Varicose Veins: Should I Be Worried?

Varicose veins are a common condition here in Australia, with worldwide prevalence rates estimated to be around 25%. While some people go decades without mentioning the presence of prominent veins to a healthcare practitioner, there are known dangers associated with prominent veins that can make it a concerning matter - both cosmetically and medically. Today, we thought we’d shed some light onto varicose veins, what exactly they are, how they appear - and whether you should be concerned.

person massaging foot in pain
Why Do My Feet Cramp?

You’re lying in bed, resting, feeling great… and all of a sudden your foot starts *scrunching* up like a claw and leaving you in agony. You try your best to move your foot into different positions to ease the pain. 90% of the positions don’t work, but you find one that gives you a little relief… so you hold it.

man holding his foot that feels burning
Why Do My Feet Feel Like They're Burning?

If you’re getting seemingly spontaneous waves of burning feelings in the feet - or if burning feet are keeping you awake at night - you’re definitely not alone. It can be quite alarming to feel unusual sensations that seem outside of your control - especially when you can’t pinpoint a specific cause or trigger.

woman holding her foot in pain
How Does Osteoporosis Affect Your Feet?

Almost one million Australians currently have osteoporosis, with one in four women aged over 75 years being affected. As this condition skyrockets your vulnerability to bone fractures and associated hospitalisations, it’s important to understand why and how osteoporosis develops and who is at risk. Today, our podiatrists have shared all of this and what you can do to help protect your bone health if you develop osteoporosis.

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Helping Feet Affected By Cerebral Palsy

Every 15 hours, a child in Australia is born with cerebral palsy (CP). CP is currently the most common physical disability in childhood, where the signs become evident within the first 12-18 months of a child’s life, and the effects are life-long. When it comes to the feet and legs, CP can significantly affect a person’s mobility and independence.

foot pointing upward
Why Does It Hurt When I Point My Foot Upwards?

Feeling pain at the front of your ankle when you try to point your toes and foot upwards?
This is a classic indicator of an anterior ankle impingement. Simply speaking, this occurs when the resulting space between your bones at the ankle as you point your foot up is very small to the point that it pinches or irritates tissues, tendons, vessels or other structures.

knee pain bone xray
I Have A Torn Meniscus. What Does This Mean?

So you have - or suspect that you have - a torn meniscus. But what does this really mean - and more importantly - how long until you can get back to feeling great and not having a painful knee? Today, our podiatry team is talking about meniscus tears, recovery and what you can do to stop it happening again.

fat kid having painful hands cause of Arthritis
Arthritis In Kids
While arthritis is best known for developing from wear and tear over time in older adults (osteoarthritis), it can also affect kids on a smaller scale. Between 1-4 in every 1000 children in Australia are affected.
Why do my toes look like they’ve separated?
Why do my toes look like they’ve separated?
If two of your toes resemble more of a ‘V’ shape between them instead of being immediately next to one another, this is for you. A plantar plate tear is the most common cause for this kind of toe separation - and some people may not realise that it had even occurred until they see this sign.
Painful Quads? Here’s What’s Going On
Painful Quads? Here’s What’s Going On
Your quads (quadriceps) are the muscles at the front of the thigh and connect together via a tendon close to the kneecap (patella). As the quad muscles work to straighten our knee from a bent position, like standing up from a chair, quad pain can make it very uncomfortable to perform simple daily tasks.
So Your Parent Has A Foot Ulcer. How Can You Help?
So Your Parent Has A Foot Ulcer. How Can You Help?
When we age and develop age-related health conditions or problems, it’s common for our circulation to be affected. This means that we may become more vulnerable to leg and foot ulcers - and even more vulnerable than ourselves, are our parents.
The Low-Down On The Controversial Running Shoes - The Nike Vaporfly
The Low-Down On The Controversial Running Shoes - The Nike Vaporfly
If you haven’t heard about the shoe that’s shaking up the sports industry, it’s the Nike Vaporfly. The Vaporfly’s performance enhancing features came into the spotlight back in 2016, when they saw multiple runners break multiple world records in a short timeframe. Now, more prominent footwear brands are bringing out competing models to the market. So, what makes these shoes so special?
5 girls holding different colours of pool noodle in the pool having hydrotherapy
Why Hydrotherapy May Be A Perfect Complement To Your Rehabilitation

We know what you’re thinking - do podiatrists offer hydrotherapy? Working together with our sister clinic, The Physio, we absolutely do! Hydrotherapy involves movements in water to help rehabilitate and strengthen muscles and joints - and it’s a fantastic option for many of our patients that are wanting to optimise their recovery from foot or leg pain, but aren’t up to traditional exercises.

foot bones
Up To 21% Of People May Have An Extra Foot Bone. Could You?

Finding accessory bones, otherwise known as ossicles, when looking over our patients’ radiographs is not an uncommon occurrence here at The Podiatrist. Many people will go throughout their lives never knowing that they have an accessory bone or two. After all, if it’s not painful, why would you look?

adult feet with polish and baby's feet in-toeing
Case Study: Treating In-toeing in a Primary School-Aged Child

Lily’s mum first brought her in to see us because she was concerned about her pigeon-toeing (in-toeing). She wanted to understand why it was happening and if everything was ‘normal’. She noticed the in-toeing was more prominent when Lily was tired, and that she was occasionally tripping during running

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