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man holding his foot that feels burning
Why do my feet feel like they're burning?

If you’re getting seemingly spontaneous waves of burning feelings in the feet - or if burning feet are keeping you awake at night - you’re definitely not alone. It can be quite alarming to feel unusual sensations that seem outside of your control - especially when you can’t pinpoint a specific cause or trigger.

woman holding her foot in pain
How Does Osteoporosis Affect Your Feet?

Almost one million Australians currently have osteoporosis, with one in four women aged over 75 years being affected. As this condition skyrockets your vulnerability to bone fractures and associated hospitalisations, it’s important to understand why and how osteoporosis develops and who is at risk. Today, our podiatrists have shared all of this and what you can do to help protect your bone health if you develop osteoporosis.

foot having a massage therapy
Helping Feet Affected By Cerebral Palsy

Every 15 hours, a child in Australia is born with cerebral palsy (CP). CP is currently the most common physical disability in childhood, where the signs become evident within the first 12-18 months of a child’s life, and the effects are life-long. When it comes to the feet and legs, CP can significantly affect a person’s mobility and independence.

foot pointing upward
Why Does It Hurt When I Point My Foot Upwards?

Feeling pain at the front of your ankle when you try to point your toes and foot upwards?
This is a classic indicator of an anterior ankle impingement. Simply speaking, this occurs when the resulting space between your bones at the ankle as you point your foot up is very small to the point that it pinches or irritates tissues, tendons, vessels or other structures.

knee pain bone xray
I Have A Torn Meniscus. What Does This Mean?

So you have - or suspect that you have - a torn meniscus. But what does this really mean - and more importantly - how long until you can get back to feeling great and not having a painful knee? Today, our podiatry team is talking about meniscus tears, recovery and what you can do to stop it happening again.

Healthy Feet Tips
Healthy Feet Tips

Sever's disease is a common cause of heel pain in active children. Sever's disease, also called calcaneal apophysitis, occurs when the growth plate of the heel is injured by excessive forces during early adolescence.

Back to School for Little Feet
Back to School for Little Feet

The end of January means the holidays are over and it’s back to school for millions of school children. It is also the time of year when sports start back meaning there is no better time to get your child’s feet checked by a podiatrist.

Warwick Cyclist Wins on World Stage
Warwick Cyclist Wins on World Stage
Warwick cyclist John Eder has returned home from the Masters Track Cycling World Championships in the UK recently as world champion! The 45 year old won the 750m time trial in 49.741 seconds (a personal best) and qualified first in the 200m sprint, making John the fastest man in the world on a bicycle over 45 years.
Why Warm Up
Why Warm Up
Almost every runner knows the importance of a warm up before a race. Even a marathon requires a warm up. But have you ever wondered why and, more importantly, how?
How to Look After Your Winter Foot
How to Look After Your Winter Foot

We all worry about our feet during the summer months as we pull out the thongs and sandals to put our feet on display. But how many of us hide our feet away in winter boots and foot care is the last thing on our minds.

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