Top 10 Training Tips for Toowoomba’s Peak2Park - Part 2!

Top 10 Training Tips for Toowoomba’s Peak2Park - Part 2!

If you’ve missed the first five training tips for Toowoomba’s Peak2Park event on Sunday, March 3rd - you can check them out here! For those that are back for the final five, we won’t delay you from them! Don’t forget, there’s a big difference between training hard and training smart. These tips will help you train smarter! Here we go:

6. Add in some strength training

Strength training gives your muscles the strength and power to keep going! Just to clarify - we’re not talking about going to the gym if you’re not already a member. There are plenty of at-home activities where you’re working against your own body weight and gravity. Squatting, lunging and push-ups are just a few examples. If you’re a parent to a young child, turn it into a game every morning and try some squats while holding and playing with your little one!

7. Train your mind

This might seem like an odd tip given the physical nature of the event, but we guarantee that there is a significant mental component in partaking in any event like this. Things will come up on the day - the weather may be worse than you expected or trained in, you notice a new twinge in your knee, you’re not going as fast as you’d hoped. Whatever happens, your mind can have a massive impact on how you feel and whether you keep going.

Just like feeding your body with good nutrition, feed your mind with positive affirmations instead of doubts about whether you’ll finish or if you’re going to develop an injury along the way. Remind yourself how strong you are, why you’re doing this, and how you’re going to look back on this as a positive experience and a great achievement. Visualise yourself with your friends and family after you’ve completed the event. The event isn’t just one day, but it’s a process that includes each training session too! Don’t forget to enjoy the experience. 

8. Get plenty of rest

You’ll be working your body hard as you train, and you need to get plenty of sleep to maximise your recovery. While sleep is often thought of as giving back energy to our hectic lives, our body and our muscles go through some massive changes while we sleep - especially when it comes to healing and repairing damage. Every workout you do, even if it’s light, is small micro-tears through our muscles and tissues. Don’t worry, it’s normal and has been happening all your life! These are repaired as we sleep, and we get back to full capacity, strength and fill our energy tanks. Our body also works to fight off sickness and disease, which a lack of sleep can leave us vulnerable to. So make sure you balance your training output with plenty of sleep and rest.

9. Stick to your own goals, not those of others

You know your goals. You know the pace you’ve set (the one you usually train at). You know whether you plan on gradually increasing this over the coming weeks at a rate that is comfortable for you. But if your friend tells you their training pace and it’s significantly faster than yours, please don’t feel like you must match it! Our bodies are different, we start at different levels of strength and fitness, and the time we have to dedicate to achieving our goals is very different too! So please don’t burn yourself out trying to match someone else’s pace. Focus on reaching your goals and be proud of what you’re accomplishing!

10. Don’t ignore niggles or minor pains

Any pain, whether large or small, is absolutely NOT normal. It’s our body’s way of letting us know that something isn’t working quite right and irritation or damage is starting to occur. If this isn’t addressed, it can turn into something much more painful and difficult to treat, and stop you from achieving your event-day goals! Your body is always the most reliable source of advice, so if it’s telling you that something is wrong, please listen!

That finishes off our top ten tips! Very honestly, from the thousands of patients we see each year, we find that often it is the smallest changes to technique, training and lifestyle that make the biggest changes come race day. 

If you’ve developed any discomfort since starting to train or worried that you may due to a previous injury, just give us a call! We’ll assess what’s going on and nip it in the bud before any significant damage occurs. We specialise in sports medicine, injuries and getting our patients ready for events such as this! With our world-class diagnostic technology and our highly-skilled team, we’ll have you ready and at your best for race day!

To book an appointment, you can give us a call on 07 4638 3022 or book online here. Oh and one last thing - don’t forget to have fun and enjoy every minute of the experience!

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