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5 girls holding different colours of pool noodle in the pool having hydrotherapy

Why Hydrotherapy May Be A Perfect Complement To Your Rehabilitation

We know what you’re thinking - do podiatrists offer hydrotherapy? Working together with our sister clinic, The Physio, we absolutely do! Hydrotherapy involves movements in water to help rehabilitate and strengthen muscles and joints - and it’s a fantastic option for many of our patients that are wanting to optimise their recovery from foot or leg pain, but aren’t up to traditional exercises.


Choosing hydrotherapy means that you only take on 30% of your total body weight when standing in water up to your chest. You also experience greater stability and balance in water, making it suitable for those that have a higher falls risk.

The benefits of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy can help you build your strength, recover from injury, improve your balance or gait, and assist your body in reducing pain and inflammation. It has helped many of our patients have a smoother recovery from surgery, and assisted their management of joint pain, including from arthritis.

Hydrotherapy is for all ages

The benefits of hydrotherapy have no minimum or maximum age limits. Your suitability will be assessed by our sister clinic, to ensure it can help you achieve your goals. While hydrotherapy is used by many adults and seniors, it is also beneficial for children in building strength and improving movement, especially when they have been injured, lost muscle strength, or have been unable to walk for long periods.

Hydrotherapy classes

Hydrotherapy classes are done at Milne Bay Aquatic Centre under the care of experienced physiotherapists. Don’t worry - the pool has easy access in and out, is not deep, and has warm water - so you feel comfortable every step of the way.


Your movements in the water can be done unassisted, or using devices like water-based weights. Water already provides great resistance, working to gently improve your strength from the moment you enter the water. More than any of the therapeutic benefits, patients find hydrotherapy fun and look forward to their sessions!


Currently, there is a group class on Wednesdays 12:30 - 1:30pm, and one-on-one sessions where required. To make an appointment, give our team a call on (07) 4638 3022 or book online here. To learn more about The Physio and the other services they offer, clicking here.

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