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 Troy Parsons
Director / Podiatrist
B.Hlth.Sci.(POD)Hons, B.App.Sci.(HMS-Ed), M.A.POD.A, M.Sports Med. A., A.A.P.S.M.

Troy Parsons

As Managing Director, it is Troy’s incredible vision, passion and drive that has seen The Podiatrist flourish to be the world-class practice it is today, filled with the skills and technology to improve the lives of our patients.

Being able to walk, run and do the things you love free of pain means that you are equipped to perform at your best and exceed your goals. It is with this belief, 12 years of industry experience and his fantastic values that The Podiatrist is the vibrant, welcoming and much loved place that it is today.

Troy’s driving force and his why - the reason he does everything he does - is all about realising his full potential and helping others realise theirs. This has seen Troy create The podiatry Hive alongside his business mentors to help inspire and enhance podiatrists in their private practice across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. This regularly sees Troy speaking internationally and conducting workshops with the aim to raise the bar for podiatry globally.
Anne-Maree Hanrick
B.Hlth.Sci.(POD)Hons, M.A.POD.A

Anne-Maree Hanrick

Anne-Maree is a fantastic biomechanical and all-round Podiatrist and we value her greatly. She has a keen interest in all things health and sports-related, so her pursuit of podiatry has offered a combination of both. She loves spending time with patients to accurately diagnose their injuries, provide effective treatment and build long-lasting relationships.

Anne-Maree has intently followed the huge advances in biomechanics over the last 10 years and is pleased to be working in a clinic with cutting edge analysis and orthotic technology.

She has been working closely with other allied health professionals to assist patients to achieve their ultimate health goals in Toowoomba since 2005. In this time she has established a loyal client base due to her significant knowledge of biomechanical intervention, as well as her kind and caring nature.
Rachael Unsworth

Rachael Unsworth

Rachael joined our team of Podiatrists in 2012. She spent her high school years at The Glennie School in Toowoomba, after which she moved to Brisbane to study Podiatry. Family and friends brought her back to the Garden City, where she has enjoyed working with the team at The Podiatrist ever since!

Podiatry to Rachael is indefinably important - “mobility is everything, and if I can play a part in maintaining mobility in the community then I will feel that I have succeeded as a podiatrist”.

A keen cyclist, this has led to her further studies in cycling biomechanics, assessment and training.

Rachael loves working with cyclists, runners, triathletes and anyone looking to perform at their best. She also enjoys building a strong rapport with her regular patients, getting to know not only their feet but also about them!
Jays Maganlal

Jays Maganlal

Jays' passion for Podiatry, his careful attention to detail and thoroughness with his patients is something we greatly admire. Alongside getting to use all the high-quality analysis software and treatments here to help him do amazing work with his patients, Jays loves being able to build great professional relationships with his patients as he helps them achieve their goals and realise their full potential. He loves to see his patients happy.

Jays joined our team of Podiatrists in November 2012 and enjoys that the team is so friendly. Having worked in two podiatry practices in Brisbane, he brings a wealth of knowledge to our clinic. He enjoys the ‘hands-on’ nature of Podiatry, particularly in nail surgeries and providing general foot care treatments.

Jays is a very dedicated podiatrist and goes the extra mile to ensure that his patients have the best care possible. The three people who he acknowledges as those he’s learnt the most from during his career are Troy Parsons (The Podiatrist), Martin Liebig (Buderim Podiatry Centre) and Evonne Chow (Evonne Chow Podiatry in Kuraby).

Outside of work, Jays enjoys basketball, american football, and short distance running. He also enjoys vanilla milkshakes and listening to the sound of heavy rain on a house roof - or the song Mirrors by Justin Timberlake.
Sam Johnston
B.Hlth.Sci.(POD)Hons, B.Sci.(Anatomy), M.A.POD.A

Sam Johnston

Sam is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable podiatrist - and person! He’s built a fantastic reputation both within the profession and among other health professionals from his commitment to clinical excellence. It’s always a pleasure to see Sam with his patients and the trust they place in him. We greatly value his part in helping our clinic gain the status of being able to provide the best available podiatric care.

Growing up Sam always liked mechanics and engineering. Later he developed an interest in human anatomy and physiology which he studied at University. Sam found podiatry a great mix of the two areas as it covers both biomechanics and disease processes.

He thrives on the challenge when presented with a complex biomechanical problem and going through the examination and gait analysis process to reveal the cause of the symptoms. If you’ve ever been told that they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with your feet, legs, knees or hips - Sam is your man! He loves seeing the treatment that he prescribes helping his patients to overcome their problems.

When he’s not being a detective and getting you better in the clinic. Sam is a family man who with his wife Nadine is busy raising four children.
Kylie Endres

Kylie Endres

Kylie joined our team of podiatrists at the beginning of June 2013 and specialises in the field of biomechanics. She brings with her over 13 years experience from time working in Australia and the UK where she was lucky enough to treat a number of high profile athletes.

Kylie is a self-professed biomechanics nerd and loves working in a world class practice with access to the latest technology. She is passionate about podiatry and loves helping people, relieving their pain and keeping them doing what means the most to them.

Since returning from the UK and living on the Sunshine Coast for a few years, Kylie made the decision to move back to her hometown of Toowoomba to be closer to her family and the rest is history.

Outside of work, Kylie is still a keen traveller and tries to make it overseas once a year. However, the arrival of her and her husband’s first bundle of joy in late 2017 may put a stop to that.
B.SC Podiatry, B.SC Physiotherapy

Pieter Van Der Kooij

Pieter graduated as a Podiatrist in 2007 and realised he had a passion for biomechanics and how the body moves. He then graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2012 and has been combining both degrees to optimise rehabilitation in acute and chronic settings. Pieter spends his time working with us and our sister clinic, The Physio.

He loves continuing to learn and has built on his Podiatry & Physiotherapy degrees by becoming a pilates and slacklining instructor. He also specialises in dry needling and water-based rehabilitation programs.

His passion is to help people become what they dream to be. Creating pathways and programs is a big part of this, but it’s also about connecting people with the right multi-disciplinary team.

Outside of work, Pieter enjoys slacklining, tennis, cricket, crossfit, touch, running, adventure and creating community. If you’re not too sure where to start your journey in exercise or don’t know how to progress, come and visit Pieter and he’ll get you on your way.
Martin Bryan

Martin Bryan

Martin joined The Podiatrist in 2017. He grew up in Sydney, where his passion for Podiatry was reflected by his University achievements: graduating top of his class awarded the Philip Vasyli orthoses excellence award, and making the Dean's Merit list four years in a row.

Martin became interested in Podiatry due to his own journey as a patient with multiple lower-limb sporting injuries. He was astounded by the care and outcomes he achieved with his Podiatrist at that time. This journey has allowed him a greater understanding of each patient's unique situation.

Martin looks beyond just treating pain, but aims to understand how this pain is affecting their overall lifestyle. His patients appreciate the extra mile he goes towards communicating and educating them on their particular issues, and helping them achieve their specific goals to return to their ideal lifestyle.

Outside of work, Martin enjoys surfing, motorbikes, snowboarding and martial arts.

Maja Ball

Maja is our enthusiastic new addition, joining us in January 2019. Her positive attitude, willingness to learn and desire to deliver the best outcomes for her patients made her the perfect addition to our team. She has impressive experience in a variety of areas of podiatry, including Quadriplegic podiatric care in Australia and Surgical experience in South Africa.

She has a real passion for making a measurable difference in the lives of her patients - and uncovering the best way to achieve this. She believes the best for her career is yet to come - and we very much agree!

Outside of work, Maja is an avid traveller and greatly enjoys the water, soaking up the sun and camping. This year, she has also planned to take up cycling, yoga and dance to continue to push herself to improve her fitness.
B.Pod, M.ApodA, AAPSM

Christian Arafol

Christian is an experienced and passionate podiatrist that has spent a lot of time working in and educating remote communities about caring for their foot and leg health. Christian values providing quality and ethical healthcare that leaves patients feeling empowered, informed and in the knowledge that they’re receiving the best possible care. 

Christian thrives when working alongside a driven team to provide genuine, world-class care to patients. He enjoys helping patients with general skin & nail care needs, wound care, biomechanical and gait assessments, NDIS services, occupation podiatry and kids foot health. He is gentle, patient, and practiced as a physical therapist in the Philippines before moving to Australia.

Outside of work, you may find Christian cycling (even to the Gold Coast in torrential rain and headwinds!), supporting the Broncos, or getting ready to become a dad in November 2019!

Suneek Sukhnundan

Suneek grew up in Toowoomba and went to Brisbane to finish her study of Bachelor of Podiatry at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). During her college days, she was an active volunteer and enjoyed being a part of community outreach initiatives such as Beenleigh Special School Podiatry Clinics, Indigenous Well Persons Health Check Day Podiatry Screenings, and Diabetic Foot Awareness Education Workshops.
After finishing her bachelor degree, she returned to her hometown to have closer relationships with her family, friends, and pets. She enjoys the time she spent with her two dogs. They swim and go for a walk.
Now, she enjoys working with the team at The Podiatrist because they work together as a team, not as an individual employee. She also stated that the team has great mentoring, modern technology to use and has professional and experienced clinicians. She is passionate and willing to provide high quality care with genuine smiles for her patients because she loves seeing her patients leaving with a smile.
In the future, she would love to do that she loved to do when she was younger, to paint and to draw. Also, she is interested in high risk feet like diabetic feet, wound/ulcer management and has an eagerness to expand her knowledge about this field.
Exercise Physiologist

Emily Hewitt

Emily enjoyed her energetic and adventurous childhood at a small town of Blackbutt. As she pursued her dreams, she moved to Toowoomba to study at University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Sport and Exercise majoring in Clinical Exercise Physiology and worked as an Exercise Scientist for 2 years and as a swimming teacher. She is skillful in working with children, persons with disability, osteoporosis, chronic conditions and injuries.
Emily is passionate and willing to treat a variety of clients, especially the children and women, with regards to their postural concerns and health. She is interested in running biomechanics, posture, muscle imbalances and rehabilitation. She completed and qualified on Pilates which she can include on her expertise and treatment plans.
Seeing her clients gain confidence and independence after receiving the interventions and treatments she offered is very fulfilling. She appreciates the bond and good relationship she has with the clients by helping them to have better health. Outside the work, she loves spending time with her family and friends and enjoys cooking and playing tennis socially.


Practice Manager

Teegan Doveton

Teegan is a friendly face around the clinic to staff and patients alike. She has filled several working roles over the years. She joined the podiatrist team straight after graduating high school in 2006 as an Administrator and later studying, as an allied health nurse for the growing clinic before she became an Administration Manager. Teegan takes pride in her team and the infectious culture around the clinic.

Teegan believes The Podiatrist has allowed her to reach a happy medium with work/life balance while being a mother of 3 boys. She calls work her second home and her colleagues her mates. Their family loves the outdoors, especially camping holidays that include water skiing, and catching waves at the beach.

Administration Manager

Tamie Alder

Tamie, or Tam Bam according to Troy, is our fantastic admin assistant. She loves the team here at The Podiatrist and how friendly everyone is. She also enjoys working with our patients, especially as they walk out of their treatment and say it’s like walking on pillows and their feet no longer ache.

Tamie has previously worked as an admin assistant, a full-time mum, and with Stradbroke Ferries for 13 years. Tamie hopes to someday travel to Canada with her husband, as well as see her kids grow up and settle in life. Outside of work, Tamie is a dedicated Girl Guide leader where she takes charge of 40 young ladies every week. The rest of her time revolves around her incredible family and fitting in a Broncos match when she can.
Administration Assistant in Toowoomba

Jocelyn Wilson

Jocelyn is our cheerful Administrative Assistant, born and raised on the Darling Downs. With a decade of experience in the health industry and certificates of excellence in Business and Medical Admin, she’s a real asset and brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

Jocelyn loves seeing patients smile knowing they’ve had a great experience and are in good hands with their health - and we love that about her! She’s also a mother of two and shares our passion for helping families stay healthy and happy by providing expert and innovative care.

When Jocelyn isn’t working her magic at the office, you may find her cooking up a storm in the kitchen, swimming or playing touch football. Jocelyn is excited to explore a number of cities both here in Australia and overseas - so if you see her in reception and you’ve got some recommendations, let her know!
Administration Assistant in Warwick

Lou Gwynne

Lou is an awesome part of our admin team here at The Podiatrist, described by her peers as being very smart and funny. She’s also a fantastic mum to two beautiful children, which always keeps her very busy outside of work.

Lou loves the team feel here at The Podiatrist and how easy it is to be her lovely self. In the future, she hopes to continue to be a great role model for her family, which she is already definitely nailing! Outside of work, Lou enjoys getting outdoors with her family, going camping and four-wheel driving.
Lorraine Trusz
Administration Assistant

Lorraine Trusz

Lainey has been working to provide fantastic service in the healthcare industry for the past 30 years.

Lainey loves and recognises that everyone has a story, and her personal motto is to be kind to every person - which is why she’s the perfect fit here at The Podiatrist! Having spent three years learning martial arts and staying fairly active throughout her life, Lainey is very familiar with the human body and the debilitating effects that pain and injury can have.

Outside of work, Lainey has two beautiful grandbabies and enjoys camping, days at the beach with her family, and being the best version of herself at all times.
Catherine Hamilton
Administration Assistant

Catherine Hamilton

Cathy has been living and working in Toowoomba for over 20 years. She was first drawn to the team at The Podiatrist by the friendly staff, the professional culture and the team’s adaptation to innovative technology designed to help improve the lives of others.

She greatly values family, integrity and respect - understanding the impact of mutual respect and care. Outside of work, Cathy tries to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, enjoying her time with family and friends, and dabbling in the occasional woodwork activities. She also loves to cook - especially in her new pie maker, air fryer and slow cooker - three reasons why she’s prioritising being healthy and active!

We’re always on the lookout for talented Podiatrists to join our ever-growing team and add to our dynamic culture.