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Cycling Assessment & Solestar Orthotics

Our comprehensive bike-specific assessments optimise your performance so you can exceed your goals and feel great while doing it. The changes we implement from your assessment will help you maximise your output on the pedals, conserve energy, and smash those personal bests! Just ask our patient and Gold Medalist, John!


Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or enjoy riding around the park with your family but feel some discomfort doing so, we’re brought this world-class technology here to Toowoomba to benefit everyone.

Using various analysis techniques including video analysis of your position on the bike we have in-clinic, we:

  • Assess your alignment
  • Examine the biomechanics of your lower limbs and how they are working together
  • Identify muscular imbalances or deficiencies
  • Identify any abnormalities that are stopping you from achieving optimal output/function
  • Show you exactly what’s happening with both rear and side bike views

After this comprehensive assessment, we’re then able to implement a plan to see you optimising your performance and reaching your full potential.

Solestar Cycling Orthotics

The orthotics used to help athletes stay at the top of their game worldwide.

Solestar means high-performance and optimum results. These bike-specific orthotics are the next generation of sports performance insoles that can be benefitted from at any experience level.

Solestar insoles are made from carbon fibre and have a special operating principle that stabilises the foot, preventing the shear forces which typically occur when pedalling, and corrects the movement mechanism.

Their carbon fibre material means that they have exceptionally good stiffening capabilities and are able to absorb the torsional forces created during the push and pull phase of cycling without any problems. These orthotics slacken then return to their original shape, making them the perfect material for cycling.

Solestar orthotics:

  • Stabilise the foot
  • Reduce recurrent shear forces
  • Optimise body posture
  • Are extremely light, thin and durable
  • Made from carbon fibre
  • Fit all cycling shoes and disciplines
  • Are customisable to fit any foot
  • Relieve plantar fascial tension
  • Are clinically proven to improve power output and torque in both push and pull phases
  • Improve shoe comfort and fit
  • Support the arch and toes
  • Reduce hot spots


I go there and they have pretty much excelled in the way they deal with me either looking after my feet or going to Lyle for a massage. When I walk through the door I feel welcomed and the staff there are excellent. Troy should be proud of the wonderful staff he has.
- Christopher Curran