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Squat Assessments

Squat Assessments

Squat assessments and technique adjustments can help you enhance your performance during sports and physical activities, lower your risk of injury, and help improve your overall mobility and musculoskeletal function.

With many people developing back, leg and foot problems from maintaining an incorrect posture during squatting, squat assessments are an important part of both preventing and recovering from injury.

Assessing and enhancing your squat technique can help you engage the right muscles at the right time, building strong foundations for you to carry out a wide range of exercises and sports, from cross-fit to long-distance running.

Who are Squat Assessments for?

You may benefit from a squat assessment if:

  • You are performing squats and thinking that they don’t feel quite right
  • You are going to the gym regularly
  • You’ve been shown differing squats by numerous personal trainers and aren’t confident in your technique
  • You feel strong and exercise regularly, but still feel like you’re being held back when it comes to movements that involve squatting

The Assessment Process

During your one hour assessment, we’ll look at:

  • The biomechanical movement of your lower limbs, including muscle strength testing and range of motion testing
  • Your natural anatomical differences that mean you need adjustment to your posture to maximise your benefits
  • Your squatting technique and characteristics that we’ll show you via video playback
  • Your foot posture
  • Your knee position, strength and function
  • Your gluteal activation and positioning

From here, we’ll identify the areas that need attention, give you supplementary exercises to help with these areas, and give you a checklist for adjusting your technique.

We’ll assess your progress within 2-3 weeks to ensure that you are feeling good and progressing at the rate that we’d expect.

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