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Pregnancy and the Feet

Pregnancy and the Feet

The changes that occur to an expecting mum’s body is an amazing process and the feet are not excluded.

The load on the feet increases dramatically due to normal weight gain and postural changes associated with pregnancy. This sometimes coincides with swelling of the feet and ankles which may limit footwear choices.  Not a good combination when you need more support from your shoes than ever before.

Your Podiatrist will be able to offer advice on supportive shoes, that can be adjusted with swelling, and if necessary provide you with arch supports or orthotics to maintain the foot’s natural alignment.

The goal is to keep you walking as comfortable as possible, reduce heavy loads, and assist your balance and general mobility as your pregnancy progresses.

Two weeks with Calcaneal Spur and finally got to see Doc. He sent me to Kevin @ Eleven and with One Appointment, he had me walking without Crutches. Yes! It still hurt. Did the Stretching, Rolling my Foot on a Spikey ball and Iced it occasionally. Return visit, after he had his Holiday, and I' am walking fine. They do NOT want to see me again, unless it deteriorates. Which it has not :-)
- Ivan CooKe