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Warts (Verrucae)

Warts (Verrucae)

Plantar warts, clinically known as Verrucae, are warts that appear anywhere on the foot. A wart is an area of tissue that appears thickened, raised, and is normally circular. They are normally not painful unless there is an application of pressure. Contact with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the main reason warts develop. Anyone can have a wart, but warts occur more frequently in children and the elderly. Symptoms of warts include:

  • A circular area or clusters of thick, raised tissue
  • Pain when squeezed or stepped on
  • Tiny black dots (dried blood)

Warts can go away of their own accord but it will take a very long time. There are many DIY options available from the pharmacy. These can be often ineffective and sometimes dangerous if not used correctly. Your podiatrist can discuss the many treatment options available.

Treatments include: acid treatments, laser therapy, freezing (cryotherapy), VISIT multi-puncture treatment and minor surgery.

Two weeks with Calcaneal Spur and finally got to see Doc. He sent me to Kevin @ Eleven and with One Appointment, he had me walking without Crutches. Yes! It still hurt. Did the Stretching, Rolling my Foot on a Spikey ball and Iced it occasionally. Return visit, after he had his Holiday, and I' am walking fine. They do NOT want to see me again, unless it deteriorates. Which it has not :-)
- Ivan CooKe